Diabetes and Health

February 26,2020


Diabetes and Health

There has been a gradual change in the lifestyle of people all around the world. The number of lifestyle diseases has emerged with the course of time.  Diabetic people are thus a usual thing around us. However, we will come to know about the major problems of being diabetic only if we ourselves or someone close to us suffers from this.

Often diabetes is understood as just sugar level. Diabetes has got a lot more to do with. Diabetes also is known as diabetes mellitus is a condition in which impairs the body’s capability to generate glucose.  Thus once diagnosed with diabetes blood sugar is the first thing that you will have to keep control of. But that is just a part and absolutely not enough.

Diabetes is of several types like type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, Prediabetes etc. the change in the level of sugar in the body results in many issues with the heart and other parts.  This is mainly with type 2 diabetes.  People with type two diabetes are more prone to heart cardiovascular problems.  Problems resulting from type 2 diabetes usually cause big problems with the body.

Impact of diabetes on the body

 Following are some of the usual changes that occur with diabetes.

  • Loss of basic ability to maintain and regulate blood sugar level
  • Variation in the level of circulating fat in the blood
  • Formation of various unnecessary secretions in the blood vessels, which causes damage to the blood vessels

Many changes including the above give a harmful level of stress to the heart. It will be too late for us to recognize many of these.  This is what makes things worse.  Thus, cardiovascular reasons are the major cause of death of people suffering from diabetes.

It is always good to keep the blood sugar level under control. This will help to put back the metabolic effects which have a bad effect on the heart.  But this is not as simple as we think. It is true that there is a considerable difference in the cardiovascular problems of people who have a controlled sugar level and those who do not. The cardiovascular problems among people with controlled sugar level are much less when compared to the others.  Studies reveal that the usual changes caused out of diabetes are long-lasting. In case if there occurs some cardiovascular problem due to varied sugar level, the first that would be done is to fix the sugar level.  But this alone is not the solution. In the case of heart diseases, blood sugar level is n the initial step. 

The reaction of the heart towards the metabolic changes

The heart is the organ wholly related to the circulation of blood in the body.  It is a superpower organ that works throughout without pause in your whole life. It also works so much – the average is 60 to 100 beats in a minute.  The heart usually depends on various energy sources to work continuously and efficiently throughout life.  Once the body comes across variation in the sugar level. At this stage, your heart will be forced to cope with many other factors, for the smooth functioning.  For example, the variation in the level of sugar changes the way of circulation of certain fatty acids.  This will make your heart to work more strenuously and results in damage to the walls of the heart muscles.

When this becomes a usual thing, the heart will start adopting this nature and cope with the changes. This will result in more serious heart problems like heart failure. There will gradually be a slide in the performance of the heart.  This is because of the change in the shape and strength of the organ. This affects the efficiency of the heart as a whole.  The solution for this is to become aware of such changes and do alternatives to slow down the process that might include the functioning of the heart.  This includes not only controlling blood sugar but many other lifestyle changes as well.

Apart from this, you might have noticed diabetic people having problems of the block in the arteries. This happens even when the blood sugar is kept at a control level. This is because with the person becoming diabetic, there happen metabolic changes that result in the formation of deposits.  Studies reveal that the chance of serious problems of the heart occurs even when the sugar is at the control for six to seven years.  The actual result of controlling the blood pressure becomes evident only after 10 years or more.  There occur some metabolic changes in the body caused due to the end-product formation which is the reason for these problems. 

Tips to improve the health of your heart

Maintaining a blood sugar level is, of course, a thing that you shall do to help your heart to control the problems of being diabetic.  Keeping aside the problems of metabolic memory and the stress that your heart gains due to this, let us now focus on some other points that will be beneficial for you while being diabetic.

  • Maintaining the correct weight and doing regular exercise is beneficial for everyone.   This is highly recommendable for people with diabetes.
  • There is a higher chance for diabetic people to have high cholesterol and you might be taking medications for the same. If this is the case make sure that you follow the instructions of your doctor carefully and properly.
  • Control yourself on too much usage of fried and oily fatty food.  This stuff results in the formation of products that will cause the metabolism discussed earlier.
  • Consult your doctor for the best and latest medicine and treatment.

 In a nutshell, controlling your blood sugar level is a way to reduce the risk of heart diseases.  But this is not enough to completely get rid of the problems.  You should prepare yourself to cope up with the situation and therefore bring in necessary changes in your lifestyle.  However, the good things you do to your heart will be beneficial for your whole health. A healthy heart means a healthy life.

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