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The Relationship Between Anatomy and Physiology

August 29,2022

Anatomy And Physiology

The Relationship Between Anatomy and Physiology

Haven’t you ever wondered what the relationship between anatomy and physiology actually was? They are both medical sciences, which are most often taught together, right?

While anatomy is the study of the physical structure of the body, physiology is the study of functions and relationships of different body parts. Anatomy clarifies the structure of the human body while physiology deals with the functioning of the human body.

In order to study physiology it is necessary to have some knowledge about anatomy. Similarly, it is important to have knowledge about physiology in case one wants to know how to find out how anatomical structures react.

However, it is important to have an equal understanding of both these subjects and it is very important for both of them to learn and understand alongside each other.

Both sciences have been studied for many years and humankind has always retained curiosity in how humans and other living things are structured and perform their functions.

There have also been people who have been reviewing and even contrasting distinctive beings so as to be able to search for different parallels and recognize discrepancies.

Anatomy focuses on understanding the contour, specifications and even the locations of different parts of the human body. It focuses on the dissection process where examples are cautiously analyze to reveal the structures that are within them.

Anatomy And Physiology

The naked eye can easily recognize any physical aspect of the human body structures without using any aid or even making use of a special instrument known as microscope.  

It is through the dissection process that students can properly understand every minute detail that they come across and thoroughly understand how systems in the body work and are joined. If one does not have a good understanding of anatomy then it may lead to a lot of confusion, especially for these medical students, as anatomy is a necessary component to understand the progress of ailment.

So having said that, we can say that anatomy is a static study while physiology is a dynamic one that is concerned with chemical, electrical and physical systems that make a life function. Physiology is a study that that is concerned with the processes that control the heart beat to systems that even involve visual perception.

If one wants to study physiology then it is important to work with organs or living bodies. This will help to understand the physical functioning of the body; for example, neurotransmitters which are inside the brain and the storing of energy in cells. Physiology and anatomy can analyze with the help of aids such as clinical investigation of biological materials from specimens or dissection.

Medical students are already aware of how the body functions and how different systems are linked to one another. They have a deep understanding of what anatomy and physiology is over the course of their education. Both of these sciences are known to be very topical for those people who have careers in the healthcare field, such as x-ray experts who are expected to have a practical knowledge of anatomy in order to do their job.

It can never be overlooked how closely the structure and function of the parts of the human body are connected with one another. Similarly, the study of one would be incomplete without the other. Thus, we can say that anatomy is a structure while physiology is the function of the human body. They both co-exist and are symbiotically connected. You cannot study one in isolation from the other. At the same time, it is also important to retain the boundary between the two sciences.

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