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Neuropsychology Diploma course

Discover the complex world of the human brain with our comprehensive Neuropsychology course. This specialised online course offers a deep exploration into the intricate structures and functions of the brain, providing learners with an opportunity to grasp the nuances of neuropsychological practice and the impact of neurological conditions on behaviour and cognition.

The Neuropsychology online course spans a series of engaging topics, each designed to build your understanding from the ground up. We start with “Understanding Neuropsychology,” where you’ll grasp the fundamental concepts that underpin the rest of the course. From there, you will explore the Central Nervous System, laying the groundwork to appreciate how profound neurological processes influence human experience.

Further into the course, the focus sharpens on specific brain regions with units like “Understanding the Frontal Lobes,” “Exploring the Temporal Lobes,” and “Fundamentals of the Parietal Lobes.” Each section provides a detailed look at the functions these brain areas serve and how they relate to everyday activities and complex behaviours.

“Understanding the Occipital Lobes” introduces you to the visual processing centres of the brain, explaining how these structures drive our ability to perceive the world visually. Next, the course delves into how language operates within the brain in the unit “Delving into Language,” examining both the biological mechanisms and the psychological impact of language processing.

As the course progresses, you’ll engage with more advanced topics such as “Neurodegeneration and Brain Injury,” where you’ll learn about the effects of diseases and trauma on brain functioning. The subsequent units, including “Brain Surgery and the Divided Mind” and “Divided Visual Field Studies and Dichotic Listening,” reveal insights into experimental and clinical approaches to understanding brain function.

The Neuropsychology Diploma course doesn’t stop at theoretical knowledge. In “Brain Investigation and Individual Differences,” you’ll examine the variations in brain structure that make each individual unique. The course culminates with a look into “Neuropsychological Practice and Neuropsychiatry,” where the practical applications of neuropsychology in addressing psychiatric conditions are thoroughly discussed.

Each unit of the Neuropsychology online course concludes with a multiple-choice examination. This structured assessment ensures that you can review key concepts and verify your understanding before moving on. Immediate feedback is available, allowing you to recognize areas that may require more focus. If your results are satisfactory, you’ll know you’re ready to advance to the next topic.

Upon completion of this Neuropsychology online course, you will not only have gained a wealth of knowledge but also the credentials to show for it. You will receive a diploma certificate along with an academic transcript, both of which you can download from your student account at no extra cost.

This Neuropsychology Diploma course is perfect for those looking to pursue careers in fields related to healthcare, therapy, and education, or for anyone with a keen interest in understanding the biological foundations of psychological processes. The course’s online format allows you to study at your own pace, providing flexibility to fit learning around your existing commitments.

Whether you’re a student aiming to enhance your academic portfolio, a professional seeking to expand your expertise, or simply a curious mind eager to understand the complexities of the human brain, our Neuropsychology course offers a rich, accessible, and thorough educational experience. Join us today, and embark on a fascinating journey through the world of neuropsychology.

What you will learn

1:Understanding Neuropsychology
2:The Central Nervous System
3:Understanding the Frontal Lobes
4:Exploring the Temporal Lobes
5:Fundamentals of the Parietal Lobes
6:Understanding the Occipital Lobes
7:Delving into Language
8:Neurodegeneration and Brain Injury
9:Brain Surgery and the Divided Mind
10:Divided Visual Field Studies and Dichotic Listening
11:Brain Investigation and Individual Differences
12:Neuropsychological Practice and Neuropsychiatry

Tutor Support

Course Outcomes

After completing the course, you will receive a diploma certificate and an academic transcript from Elearn college.


Each unit concludes with a multiple-choice examination. This exercise will help you recall the major aspects covered in the unit and help you ensure that you have not missed anything important in the unit. The results are readily available, which will help you see your mistakes and look at the topic once again. If the result is satisfactory, it is a green light for you to proceed to the next chapter.


Elearn College is a registered Ed-tech company under the UK Register of Learning( Ref No:10062668). After completing a course, you will be able to download the certificate and the transcript of the course from the website. For the learners who require a hard copy of the certificate and transcript, we will post it for them for an additional charge.

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