Moon Gardening

Moon Gardening



Moon Gardening Diploma

This course provides insights into gardening activities that can be improved and improvised using the four phases of moon and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Are you an avid gardener looking for ways to practice and master sustainable gardening? Are you eager to experiment with your garden to reap the best results? If yes, this course is for you.

Moon Gardening Diploma enables you to understand various zodiacal signs and phases of the moon which can be combined to carry out different gardening activities like planting, cultivation, weeding and harvesting to maximize benefits from them. It also provides you with the fundamentals behind gardening by the moon from which you further develop by exploration and experimentation.

When you reach the end of the course, you should be equipped with all the knowledge with regard to gardening using the four phases of moon. You should be able to use the knowledge in your own garden and see the progress for yourself. If you are already an expert in gardening, you are sure to enjoy this course.


Gardening by the Moon

Tillage, Cultivation, Fertilization and Irrigation



Companion Planting



Natural Pest Control


Grafting and Air-layering