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Landscaping Diploma

Do you crave to be a skilful landscaping artist? Do you often wonder how you could achieve the same skills as those television presenters who enthral you with myriad garden designs? Here our landscaping diploma course will provide you with all the requisite skills to make you an expert landscape artist. The landscaping diploma will provide you a concrete understanding of the procedures and standards behind the designing and development of gardens. The course gives equal importance to both public as well as private landscaping. One can become expert in developing public parks or home gardens. Though considerable attention is given to design and construction, the emphasis is on landscaping as an art.  Beauty is one of the qualities of sustainable landscape. To add beauty to your landscape you have to take care about the elements of design. Sometimes you may think that design needs professional or artistic touch. But, it is a matter of fun. Furthermore, it is easy too. Once you have developed the taste for it, you will always look for designs.

1 Landscaping the Sustainable Way
2 Materials and Resources
3 List of skill set
4 Getting Better Acquainted with Property
5 Brushing Up on Design Basics
6 Plotting the Sustainable Landscape
7 Surveying the Options
8 The Nuts and Bolts of Water Harvesting, Irrigation, and Drainage
9 Managing Water
10 Maintaining Irrigation Systems

2 reviews for Landscaping

  1. John Smith
    4 out of 5

    Passed today!!! Great course and learned a lot

  2. Carl Allum
    5 out of 5

    passed today learnt alot

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