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Interior Design



Interior Design Diploma

Discover the world of interior design with the comprehensive online Interior Design Diploma. This dynamic course invites students from all walks of life, whether one is looking to launch a new career or simply foster a personal passion.

The course begins with an introduction to interior design, where students gain a foundational knowledge of the art, the science, and the critical concepts that form the backbone of the industry. From understanding colour palettes to identifying various design styles, the course paves the way for learners to master the nuances of the field.

Moving on, the course guides students through the intricacies of designing specific areas within a property. Delving into entrances and circulation spaces, it educates participants about the importance of first impressions and efficient movement. There’s a fine art to crafting spaces that are both welcoming and functional, and this segment ensures students grasp those essentials.

The section on social and leisure spaces highlights how to create comfortable and engaging areas suitable for relaxation and entertainment. Here, students learn to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Kitchens have always been considered the heart of a home. In the course, this vital room is addressed with special emphasis. From the arrangement of cabinets to the choice of lighting, every facet of kitchen design is explored to help learners create spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

Bedrooms, often seen as personal sanctuaries, are also discussed. The course offers insights into crafting bedrooms that cater to relaxation, personal expression, and functionality. It also addresses the ever-evolving demands of modern-day living, ensuring spaces are adaptable and comfortable.

The module on bathrooms transforms this often-overlooked space into a haven of luxury and functionality. It unveils the secrets to selecting the right fixtures, materials, and lighting to make a bathroom both a personal spa and a functional space.

Utility and workspaces, on the other hand, place a spotlight on efficiency. Students will grasp the principles behind designing spaces that cater to productivity, be it a home office or a laundry room, ensuring these areas are both practical and inspiring.

Light plays a pivotal role in interior design. The Interior Design Diploma delves deep into this topic, teaching students the impact of natural and artificial lighting on spaces and how to use it effectively to enhance a room’s ambience.

With the world leaning more towards sustainable living, the course doesn’t miss out on resources and sustainability. It instils in students the importance of eco-friendly design choices and sustainable practices, ensuring that their designs are not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Finally, as technology rapidly evolves, the course concludes with AI and innovations in interior designing. Here, the learners are introduced to the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of interior design, ensuring they are well-equipped to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

To summarise, the online Interior Design Diploma offers a comprehensive guide to the world of interior design. From foundational concepts to specific room designs, and from traditional practices to innovative technologies, this course promises a holistic learning experience for all budding interior designers. Enrol today and embark on a journey to transform spaces and lives.

What you will learn

1:Introduction to Interior Design
2:Entrances and Circulation Spaces
3:Social and Leisure Spaces
7:Utility and Work Spaces
9:Resources and Sustainability
10:AI and Innovations in Interior Designing

Tutor Support

Course Outcomes

After completing the course, you will receive a diploma certificate and an academic transcript from Elearn college.


Each unit concludes with a multiple-choice examination. This exercise will help you recall the major aspects covered in the unit and help you ensure that you have not missed anything important in the unit. The results are readily available, which will help you see your mistakes and look at the topic once again. If the result is satisfactory, it is a green light for you to proceed to the next chapter.


Elearn College is a registered Ed-tech company under the UK Register of Learning( Ref No:10062668). After completing a course, you will be able to download the certificate and the transcript of the course from the website. For the learners who require a hard copy of the certificate and transcript, we will post it for them for an additional charge.

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