Diploma in Nutrition

Diploma in Nutrition



Nutrition refers to either of the two things: first, the food and nourishment that you eat in order to stay healthy and second, the study or science of how food and nutrients affect the body of a living organism, especially humans. Nutrition in the first sense is concerned with the process of food intake and assimilation whereby the living organism gains energy, grows and maintains itself. The stages of this process include ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation and excretion. In the second sense, it is a study which throws light on how nutrition helps us survive and the functions each nutrient plays in our life, the lack of which can lead to various functional inefficiencies in our bodies. In the past people weren’t aware of the existence of nutrients and hence they were little worried about what food they ate. All that mattered was that you ate food that pleased your palate. As nutrition evolved into a science, people gradually became aware of different types of nutrients and how each nutrient helps in growth, metabolism and repair. We also understood what the deficiency of each nutrient affects our body. Therefore, in order to prevent diseases and stay healthy we identified that there was a need to eat a balanced diet that provides us adequate amounts of all varieties of nutrients. When we succeeded in identifying the nutrients contained in each type of food, whether fruits, vegetables or meat. Now, our current eating habit has evolved to find a balance between what’s tasty and what’s good for our health.

This course will help you find the right balance between good nutrition and tasty food, so that you can make wise food choices that will please you palate as well as your body. The Nutrition Diploma course is filled with basic definitions so that it can be a good starting point for someone who knows nothing about nutrition. It also serves as a refresher course for intermediates and since the information it offers is up-to-date, the advanced can also benefit a lot from Nutrition Diploma course.


Unit 1- Nutrition

Unit 2- The Process of Digestion

Unit 3- Calories

Unit 4 – Recommendations on Nutrition

Unit 5 – The Dietary Supplements

Unit 6- Proteins

Unit 7- Fat and Cholesterol

Unit 8 – Carbohydrates and the Human Body

Unit 9 – Alcohol and the Human Body

Unit 10- Vitamins


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