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Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy diploma

The Couples Therapy Diploma Course details the different life stages humans go through as individuals, as couples and as families and explains in a progressive way how the therapy exactly works, the various skills used, the different kinds of couples and also about family therapy. The design of the course is such that it helps to understand relationships and problems associated with family. Communication methods and thought patterns are studied in detail and also how such factors can harm or ruin a relationship should they be used in the wrong way. It is not only the relationship between couples that are studied, but the course studies in detail the effects of such relationships on the whole family. Often, people and relationships are not as simple as they seem. The deeper we understand ourselves, the better equipped we become to bring positive change in our relationships and lives. Towards the end of the course, you will study about the various techniques in therapy that can be used to resolve issues and the various options that are available to the therapist when they work with couples or families. The intention behind the Couples Therapy Diploma Course is to help understand Family Therapy in a better manner. This course is a great introduction course if you wish to learn more about this field. If you are already in the holistic therapy field, this is a good course for professional development. If you wish to develop an understanding of your own relationships and the communication within it, this becomes a more personal interest course.

What You Will Learn
1:Introduction to Couple Therapy
2:Intimacy and Relationships
3:Reframing Views
4:Communication Methods
5:Conflict Resolution
6:Cognitive Methods
7:Skills Required for Relationship Contracting
8:Operating with Emotions
9:Home Assignment
10:Addressing Infidelity
11:Cementing Change and Maintaining Progress

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  1. nichola Hanson-jones
    5 out of 5

    enjoyable refresher course

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