Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy




Beauty Therapy Diploma

The Beauty Therapy Diploma Course by Elearn college offers training that is exceptional in all aspects that is related to making people look their best. Designed with the help of beauty experts and industry professionals, the course reveals hitherto unrevealed secrets and the latest techniques that give you the advantage over many others in the beauty services. Unlimited opportunities are available to the beauty therapists who are well qualified in their profession, and apart from feeling a satisfaction in helping people look and feel better, it is a career that is financially rewarding too. And as you get to meet various customers from all walks of life, your social network too expands.

The more people come to understand the importance of investing in a healthy life-style while maintaining physical beauty, the more your opportunities as a beauty therapist grows. This is a fast growing industry and is predicted to grow even more in the future years. So, come, grab the opportunity to become a part of this glamorous and exciting world by enrolling for Elearn College’s Beauty Therapy Diploma course.The complete course is conducted through Distance Learning which is the perfect way for you if you have to adapt your schedule around family, work or any other commitments. Distance Learning is also extremely helpful if you are someone who wishes to study according to your convenience or fast track your studies and career.

1.The Fit Body
2.Personal Hygiene
3.The Skin and its Care
4.Manicure and Pedicure
5.The Hair
6.Essential Nutrients
7.Anti-ageing Therapy
8.Massage Techniques
9.Waxing Techniques