Archaeology diploma

Studying the past with the help of material remains or traces that have survived to the present is known as Archaeology. When studying archaeology from Elearn College, you will acquire the skills to become an expert in the field by analysing the ritual and religious beliefs, daily life and death of the people who lived in the past through the study of the objects from their life that have survived till the present day. Components from humanities, sciences and social sciences are also combined into this Archaeology Diploma. In striving to understand how the people in the past went about their lives, interacted with their environment and designed their world, archaeologists also look for answers to big questions that can help us to tackle issues in the modern day like examining the spread of epidemics, organizing the ‘perfect’ diet or the effects of changes in the climate. This Archaeological Diploma Course will help students to understand the various archaeological theories and methods that can reveal some of the basic questions regarding human life from the origin of mankind till the 20th century. By studying the remains of plants, animals and humans as well as art and artefacts, you will learn how the past can be constructed from such material remains. Moreover, you will investigate the important developments that happened in the long-term human history in the social, religious, economic and technical fields.

What You Will Learn
1: Introduction to Archaeology
2: Knowing the importance of archaeology
3: Understanding the different types of archaeology
4: Archaeological Investigations
5: Rules, Principles and Safety in Archaeological field
6: Post-excavation Analysis
7: Rebuilding The past
8: Ancient Human life
9: Early Food Production and Climate Change
10: Advantages of Archaeological Research


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