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Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology



Abnormal Psychology Diploma 

Introducing the Abnormal Psychology Diploma, a comprehensive online course designed to delve into the complexities of human behaviour and mental disorders. This course provides learners with a deep understanding of various psychological disorders, diagnostic criteria, and treatments, preparing them for a successful career in the field of psychology or enhancing their current knowledge base. 

The Abnormal Psychology Diploma offers a unique and engaging online learning experience that caters to a wide range of learners. Whether someone is pursuing a career in psychology, counselling, or social work, or simply has a personal interest in understanding the complexities of human behaviour, this course offers invaluable insights. 

The course begins with an introduction to abnormal psychology, providing a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of mental health and disorders. From there, learners will explore a variety of psychological disorders, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, gender and sexual disorders, schizophrenic disorders, and personality disorders. 

Throughout the Abnormal Psychology Diploma, learners will gain a thorough understanding of the diagnostic criteria and classifications used in the field, as well as the terminology and coding associated with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM IV TR). 

As an online course, the Abnormal Psychology Diploma offers flexibility and convenience, allowing learners to study at their own pace and on their own schedule. The course is expertly designed and presented in a manner that ensures comprehension and retention of the material. Interactive elements, including quizzes and case studies, are incorporated throughout the course to enhance the learning experience. 

Upon successful completion of the Abnormal Psychology Diploma, learners will possess a well-rounded understanding of various psychological disorders, their causes, and treatments. This knowledge is invaluable for those working in the field of mental health or considering a career in psychology, counselling, or social work. Additionally, this course is beneficial for anyone seeking to better understand the complexities of human behaviour and mental health. 

Learners who complete the Abnormal Psychology Diploma will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding mental health care and treatment, as well as effectively communicate with clients, patients, and colleagues. This course is a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of psychological disorders and contribute to the betterment of mental health care and support. 

In summary, the Abnormal Psychology Diploma is a comprehensive and engaging online course that delves into the complexities of human behaviour and mental disorders. Learners will explore a wide range of psychological disorders, diagnostic criteria, and treatments, while also gaining valuable insights into the DSM IV TR and associated coding. With a flexible online format, this course is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of psychology or pursue a career in the field. 

Enrol in the Abnormal Psychology Diploma today and embark on a rewarding journey of understanding the complexities of the human mind and mental health. 

What you will learn 

1:Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 

2:Anxiety Disorders 

3:Mood Disorders 

4:Substance Use Disorders 

5:Eating Disorders 

6:Gender and Sexual Disorders 

7:Schizophrenic Disorders 

8:Personality Disorders 

9:DSM IV TR Jargons 

10:Coding using DSM IV TR 

Tutor Support

Course Outcomes

After completing the course, you will receive a diploma certificate and an academic transcript from Elearn college.


Each unit concludes with a multiple-choice examination. This exercise will help you recall the major aspects covered in the unit and help you ensure that you have not missed anything important in the unit. The results are readily available, which will help you see your mistakes and look at the topic once again. If the result is satisfactory, it is a green light for you to proceed to the next chapter.


Elearn College is a registered Ed-tech company under the UK Register of Learning( Ref No:10062668). After completing a course, you will be able to download the certificate and the transcript of the course from the website. For the learners who require a hard copy of the certificate and transcript, we will post it for them for an additional charge.

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